The Envy Group’s Personal Chef Services
Bringing culinary art to the heart of your home



  In home meal planning would be ideal for clients who want natural from scratch prepared food dishes on healthier nutritional diets, by reducing disease causing activities in your blood cells that can cause heart attacks, strokes and many other health conditions.  As you’re more proactive to the types of ingredients you’re consuming, as boxed convenient products in your local grocery store, fast food outlet sodium, preserving ingredients that we cannot read or understand how they affect our body function that can effect normal healthful long term growth. Meal planning is good for people who have specific allergy concerns to particular ingredients, which have a major impact and react in your body coming from many reasons. This service is also for people recovering from hospital treatment, looking to balance healthy active lifestyle to effective food choices. This type of service is ideal for, busy professionals, large families with children and the elderly on strict diet.

Interested in service, we can arrange an in home free consultation, to discuss types of ingredients / dishes you prefer and certain dietary restrictions you may have to effectively formulate proper menu options based your healthful goals. Once I have learned more about your specific meal goals, than go ahead and set – up unique custom sample menus based on your meal choices, for you to review based on consultation. When sample menus specific to your meal requirements, we will than go ahead and set -up cooking date, to come into your home to conduct preparation and cooking to be completed.

Meals are created for (weekly or bi – weekly) in one service date based on your needs,  meals will then be arranged into plastic containers, labeled ingredient list specific, re – heating instructions, to keep you informed of what to do without chefs presence.


How can meal planning benefit me cost effectively:

With your monthly food cost at this time, on daily basis cost out all expenses for a whole month, this is anywhere from entertainment, processing factory made foods, on the go quick foods. Measure the expense compared to my chef (service fee + the cost of groceries).  You will save by knowing with meal plan services the cost will be consistent each month, while contributing to a heathy sustainable nutritional growth diet.

Meal plan pricing:

Cost is  rate plus the cost of ingredients involved within your

Custom menu.


(1) person rate $100.00 plus the ingredient cost of everything

involved within chosen menu.

variable depending on the amount of meals required, either (3)

weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and the amount of people

requiring the meal plan within the family.

Number of people within home requiring meal services:

Depending on the number of people in the home requiring meal services,

Chef service rate will increase to work within.


In Home Dinner Parties

Welcome to The Envy Groups in home dinner party services, providing (3 to 4) course  elegant bistro style dishes / family style or fresh buffet style,  in the comfort of your own home. Providing custom designed menus based on guest desired meal requirements, specific to further dietary restrictions, allergies, purchasing ingredients to best match your particular dishes. Your personal Envy Group chef, will work detailed for you and your guests needs, to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.


Dinner party guest count from (2 people to 20 people) in the comfort of your own home, as my personal chef insurance allows me to conduct services with that number in presence of the client’s home. If you prefer greater number of guest count within services, I than can direct you to local quality catering company.


On the special date of service when we have custom designed  your ideal  menu, on service date will  than go to trusted local farmers markets purchasing  the best local sustainable ingredients to match flavor – nutritional value – for  plate appeal.


Dinner party services are ideal for afternoon business corporate meeting lunches, formal family gatherings, bridal showers, surprise birthdays, wedding anniversaries.


In Home Cooking Classes

 Chef Jacob’s in home cooking classes, provides up to (10) student’s with hands on interactive approach in the comfort of your own home. With full experience for each student to explore the knowledge and skill of unique simple recipes you can make ahead of time at home. Purchasing locally farm raised ingredients for your class recipes, keeping meals fresh and local.  With (3 to 6) different menu dishes being demonstrated to give you a variety of courses to understand, learn and adapt to your own individual lifestyles. Class dishes being prepared and cooked with both learning and doing with myself Chef Jacob’s guidance every step of the way for your understand of the preparation and cooking specific to each dish being prepared.

Class sample menu:

Between (3 to 6) recipes in any given (3) hour in home session

– Salads: Local seasonal salads with fresh prepared variety of vinaigrettes.

– Soups: Purees, natural broth making, stocks,

We have variety of great chefs that been in the culinary industry for over 17 years, having worked in some of the Dominican Republic’s well respected restaurants, hotels, and catering companies. We look forward to becoming your personal chef for the day, bringing to you a variety of cuisines specific to your culinary and dietary requirements. Each dish created uses fresh, locally-raised ingredients, delivering maximum flavor and quality.


The Envy Group’s Personal Chef servicesprovides  the following chef services:

In your home fresh customized meal planning, cooking classes food consultations, dinner partyservices of guests up to (20) people (3 to 4) course plated dinner party events or elaborate buffets.  Services are provided in the comfort of your home, giving you the opportunity to learn more about your chef & seeing fresh natural created dishes being prepared for entertaining view and assurance your dishes are specific to natural ingredients into your dishes.

With passion effectively brining forward great wealth of knowledge, talented experience & skill to individual clients and their family, friends and co-workers. Throughout career, working for many talented chef’s from variety of different culinary facilities of unique personalities.

Our staff can bring forward to the comfort of your home a variety of cuisines specific to your culinary – healthful food requirements.

Please note: Each food picture posted on Jacob’s Personal Chef Services website, is created from scratch of natural wholesome ingredients purchased from respected Niagara based farmers markets. These food pictures give you a view of what you can expect prior to selecting my personal chef services, in making an informed decision of quality experience.



Healthful choices

Envy GroupChef Services continually works hard – by ensuring each client is receiving quality experience and healthful growth of naturally prepared and cooked dishes based on your unique requests. Envy Group structures pricing fare, while meeting the needs of each specific client situation. Consultations of potential service are very important for our Envy Group clients Services provided of high quality standard for each individual – with  preparations of  natural ingredients prepared from scratch – based out of local farmers market’s –  when and if products are in season. (100%) service quality standard will be confirmed from in home free tasting and on site services. Our chefs prepare specific ingredients based on menu confirmation – something you wouldn’t see in most restaurants.