Anniversary Party

Anniversary parties are important because they are a way or reminding your loved ones that they still mean a lot to you. Whether it is a wedding, civil partnership, or any other momentous occasion of personal and cultural value, The Envy Group can help you make it all the more meaningful and memorable. From ensuring that all events at your anniversary party take place in timely manner to specific details related to dietary restrictions for attendees, you can leave it to us to make it a night to remember. We understand this celebration is your special day and will leave no stone unturned in helping you remember fond memories from the past!

Birthday Party

No one throws a birthday party like The Envy Group! If there is a specific theme that you would like us to follow for the birthday, then we would love to indulge you. From ensuring that that the birthday person receives the attention that they deserve on their special day to maintaining the interest of all attendees, we guarantee that this party will be a huge success. There is no better place in the world than these hidden gems in the Caribbean, to enjoy a wicked birthday party. We have the creativity and organizational skills required to pull of this event with finesse. Besides, no one knows how to have fun in the Caribbean like we do!

Private Party

If you are looking to host a celebration of a more exclusive nature, then the team at The Envy Group can be of help to you. We can help host a private party that is functional, unique, and most importantly fun for everyone present! Our detail-driven approach to private party hosting guarantees that we will leave nothing behind so long as it is communicated beforehand. We will ensure that you are an active part of the planning and decision-making process as we like our clients to have control over their party. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy as we take this mammoth stress off your shoulders!

Rum & Cigar Party

Some party ideas are based on trends which come and go and others are timeless classics that stay with us forever. An example of the latter is a good old rum and cigar party. If you are obsessed with the nectarine and mesmerizing taste of rum or the earthy tones of a hand-rolled Colombian cigar, then you will appreciate how no party is complete without them! Leave it to The Envy Group to get our hands on premium-quality rum and cigar in the Caribbean, while you figure out how to have a good time at your party. From party planning and management to execution, you can leave the worrying to us!