Luxury Condo in private gated community

$152,250.00 U.S.

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Property Description

Located in the vicinity of the enigmatic E. León Jiménez Park, in the city center of Santiago, the Residential Condominium STELLA, is a contemporary design, with open halls structure and whose modern architecture optimizes the use of the areas taking into consideration The maximum ventilation and lighting of the spaces.

Its fine, glass-cut physical finishes achieve a great harmony with the tropical environment of our surroundings and a delicate consonance with the cosmopolitan style of the cities of today.

The arranged arrangement of the whole has been developed with a high urbanistic standard that takes into account the location of each building in a way that does not interfere with each other, where the visual is completely clear and the optical privacy of each unit is preserved.

Developed on a piece of land measuring more than 5,800 mt2, it has large green areas or gardens and is composed of four (4) buildings of seven (7) levels each, with two (2) apartments and three different designs.

Quick Summary

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* Elevator
* Full power plant
* Centralized gas system
* Arrival Loby with ½ bathrooms for visitors
* Common tank
* Electric door
* 24 hour security
* Visitor Parking[/su_column]
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Apartments of 145 mt2:
* Two parking spaces
* 3 Bedrooms
* 2 1/2 Bathrooms (bathroom for the main bedroom, common bathroom, half bathroom for visitors)
* Service room with bathroom
* Living room – Dining room – Kitchen
* Washing area
* Main staircase and emergency staircase[/su_column]

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Rohan-FrancisRohan Francis

I live and have sold many beautifully constructed properties throughout the incredible Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic. My name is Rohan Francis and I’m a full-time real estate broker. I’ve been helping my clients achieve their “Caribbean living and investment Dreams” for over 10 years. You can always reach me at either phone number.
404-910-4005 (USA)
845-445-0181 (Dominican Republic)

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Success and Satisfaction

Rohan Francis gives you the best chance to succeed in this great market. As a Envy Group broker and the consistent leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting his clients’ interests, Rohan is dedicated to serving you with savvy client-focused negotiations and state-of-the-art marketing strategies joining uncompromising integrity as the hallmarks of his service. Rohan is exceptionally well respected in the Dominican Republic, not only for his unparalleled professional track record and high ethical standards but for being an honest, hard-working family man who does absolutely everything in his power to ensure his clients’ success and satisfaction.

Thanks to his loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business form the foundation of Rohan’s career. To ensure efficient, complete service for you including cutting edge technology and genuinely caring performance, Rohan’s associates and affiliates have been carefully selected by him from the very finest areas of the Dominican Republic in the business to form a close-knit “family” offering seamless assistance to you for every aspect of your home purchase, sale, décor or marketing needs.