Rum Factory Tour


( $125 per person. Includes a small bottle of house rum.)

Do you enjoy rum? Well, you will be pleased to know most rums are produced in the Caribbean! The rum factory tour is an ideal choice for first-time visitors who have never been to the Caribbean before.



If you enjoy alcoholic beverages or take a keen interest in how they are prepared, then The Envy Group rum tour is for you! In these parts of the Caribbean islands, the most exciting treasure is not a wooden chest filled with gold coins or an ancient relic decorated with jewels, but rather a good old fashioned bottle of rum! The rum tasting tour will take you through the different ingredients used by rum mixologists, how the distillery processes rum, and how this specific rum factory handles the preparation of rum differently. Finally, you will be allowed to sample different rums to compare and contrast their tastes!

In this rum tour, you will be allowed to interact with the staff members and ask them any specific questions you have about how rum is prepared. To really get a hands-on understanding of how rum is created, you will be explained the origins of sugar cane (used to make rum), how it is fermented to produce an alcoholic beverage, and what makes Caribbean rum unique! The excursion planning trip at The Envy Group understands that it is tricky choosing between a cigar or rum tour as both are equally enticing, but we make up for it by sending you 10 hand-rolled cigars! Get ready for an informative and exciting trip!


Rum Factory Tour