Cigar Factory Tour


($125 per person. Includes a a bundle of 10 cigars.)

The cigar factory tour is meant to be an informative and exciting experience that will give you an inside scoop on the industry’s history as it walks you through the entire cigar-making process.

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We want you to get the most out of your Caribbean experience with The Envy Group and that entails taking our famous Dominican Republic cigar factory tour! Located in the enchanting Dominican Republic lies a cigar factory that has plenty of exciting tales to tell about the Caribbean history. After all, the Dominican Republic is where Columbus ‘discovered’ tobacco! Whether you fancy Jamaican, Dominican, or Colombian cigars, you will get to learn about the different kind of tobacco leaves used in making cigars, how they are rolled, the material used to bind them, and the unique production principles applied. Plus, you will get to try different cigars, each of which has been crafted using a different blend and wrapping style. Experience the difference between machine-rolled and hand-rolled cigars!

We believe that great cigars are more than just leaf, tobacco, and smoke. At The Envy Group, we want you to experience how premium-quality cigars are made using the finest tobacco in the world. While the complete cigar making process is time consuming, we want to expose our enthusiastic excursionists to the different kind of materials used. Since we only let you choose between either of the two excursions (rum or cigar tour), we try to make up for it by presenting you the finest bottle of rum you can find in the Caribbean. Let The Envy Group cigar tour and the rejuvenating taste remind you of the history of these islands and forever remember what they have to offer you!


Cigar Factory Tour