Rent our Team

Entertaining at home should be a time to relax and enjoy family and friends.

There’s no need to stress out over all the details of your party that can make it work instead of fun. No matter the occasion, The Envy Group’s experienced professionals can handle every aspect of your event.

Welcoming Services

As soon as you land in the Caribbean, you become our responsibility. It will be our job to take care of you see to all your needs. We will treat you like a guest and welcome you to the exotic Caribbean culture waiting to be explored by you. Take advantage of The Envy Group welcoming services to take the first step toward a stress-free, relaxing, and exciting vacation with us!

We offer the following welcome services:

Excursion Services

We want you to go back home and be able to tell your friends, family members, and colleagues all that you have learned about the Caribbean beauties that you explored. For this reason, we offer excursion trips to acquaint you with the history, culture, and tradition of the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Jamaica. From a local colonial tour, to immersing yourself in detailed cigar and rum factory visits, it never hurts to have an informative trip as part of your vacation.

We offer a variety of excursions according to our vacation destinations.