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Services Provided

The Envy Group

is comprised of three multifaceted divisions; each is focused on providing our clients with superior quality service.  Over the years the company has had steady and diverse growth, and has expanded into some other areas of interest. Our first and foremost goal is to meet all of our clients’ needs with stylish and innovative solutions that are synonymous of The Envy Group.  We accomplish this through our Tour, Entertainment and Marketing divisions.


Envy Tours has experience in accommodating the occasional weekend getaway couple or to the corporate or celebrity clientele.  We can arrange accommodations from a one bedroom bungalow, to 8 bedroom mansion with live-in staff. In addition to, set you up with some of the island’s well known excursions such as kite boarding, windsurfing and snorkeling. Needless to say, regardless of your budget, the Envy Group’s bilingual and highly trained staff is at your service.


Classy, insightful and entertaining; are some of words that have been used to describe an Envy Group event. As producers of top specialty events, Envy Entertainment productions are always in high demand. Whether it is an all out New Years Eve bash, product launch or a charity/ awareness event, Envy Entertainment has always delivered in a stylish, professional and elegant way.   Our goal is to design and execute incredibly entertaining, unique and appealing events for our clients.


Thanks in part to the web, and the explosion of social networking, we are all connected and a great deal of products/services are now heard of and desired worldwide. In recognizing this, companies are seeking ways to establish a cost effective, international marketing campaign while still yielding positive returns.  Companies now are finding the Caribbean market holds a wealth of opportunities and is an untapped demographic on which to build. We assist new companies from abroad and within the Dominican Republic in marketing their business and/or products in the country and can you help establish your company’s presence in the Dominican Republic.

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