Our Story

The Envy Group, established in 1999, embarked on establishing a vastly different service to the discerning traveler, who over the years has grown increasingly tired of the everyday pre-packaged vacations. We recognized these travelers wanted more from their vacation experience. They wanted to feel a part of the country that they were visiting; whether it is through interacting with the friendly locals on the countryside, dining at the local restaurant or dancing the night away at the local hot spots. These travelers did not want to be confined in their environment with pre-scheduled meal times, lack of entertainment options and restrictive activities

Our clients wanted a true getaway and to be completely pampered in their own private villa or mansion with the freedom and safety to explore their vacation destination. In recognizing this niche market, The Envy Group was born.

The Dominican Republic was chosen for the company’s home base because of its beauty, warmth and diversity of people and now we have expanded are brand and elite services the Beautiful country of Colombia and incredible. The close proximity to the US and warm year round climate made these tropical destination ideal. Subsequently, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Colombia have consistently been on the top 10 list of the most visited tropical destinations.