Are you looking for a luxurious vacation and memorable experience in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, or Jamaica? Then look no further because your search ends here.

The Envy Group offers complete travel services that encompass everything from driver pickup as soon as you land to touring these hidden gems of the Caribbean as you taste exotic food, enjoy various entertainment services, and indulge in the local culture. We want you to enjoy a trip that you will remember for a lifetime.


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We recognized travelers wanted more from their vacation experience.

They wanted to feel a part of the country that they were visiting; whether it is through interacting with the friendly locals on the countryside, dining at the local restaurant or dancing the night away at the local hot spots. These travelers did not want to be confined in their environment with pre-scheduled meal times, lack of entertainment options and restrictive activities.

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We want you to know that no one knows the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Jamaica better than the travel concierge experts at The Envy Group.
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If you are looking forward to learning more about the history of Caribbean islands and their culture, then look no further than the gem that is Colombia. The varying climates, energetic city life, and delicious food will make for an incredibly relaxing and refreshing stay. Plus, you get to visit some of the best rum and cigar factories in the world. You also get to learn about how each of these are created using only the finest ingredients and with extreme precision. If you’ve ever fancied a hand-rolled Colombian cigar or a fresh glass of distilled rum, then Colombia is the place to be.


If you love beachfronts and landscapes that are begging to be explored, then visiting The Dominican Republic sounds ideal for you. As the site of one of the oldest colonial settlements in America and the home of Christopher Columbus in 1492, The Dominican Republic today continues to be rich in history and culture. Plus, the country is built using sustainable development measures which offer luxurious accommodation locations and delicious food from breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


If you are a spirit of nature with a thirst for adventure, then Jamaica is the place to be for you. From delicious food and hypnotic music to pristine beaches and a unique local culture, this island will help you feel more alive than you ever have. Reggae music, street dances, and frequent festivals are common to witness when you are in Jamaica and you will be tempted to join in on the fun! If you are located in the global north, then the weather in Jamaica will feel like liquid sunshine – warm, comfortable, and exceptionally relaxing.

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The Envy Group is a travel concierge company that is wanted more than for just its booking, touring, and travel guidance services.
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We understand that customers are tried of standard pre-packaged vacations with restrictive activities and boring itineraries, which is why The Envy Group goes the extra mile to offer more. Our premium-quality accommodation (such as villas and resorts in high-end communities) will help you relax without limiting your mobility and interaction with the local culture.

We want you to experience the best that these Caribbean beauties have to offer!

  • In the Silver Package, we will cover all the crucial basics to help you...

    Price Starting at $1,400 (p/p) Night
  • If you are looking to delve a little deeper into Jamaica, Colombia, and the...

    Price Starting at $2,500 (p/p) Night
  • For a trip of a lifetime, the Platinum Package offers everything you could hope...

    Price Starting at $4,000 (p/p) Night
  • It does not get better than this. The Celebrity Package used to be called...

    Price Starting at $10,000 (p/p) Night

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