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The Dominican Republic is a relatively new destination to think of when planning for your retirement, but its popularity as a retirement location has been growing exponentially. Reasons for its new popularity include but certainly are not limited to the near perfect weather, absolutely gorgeous beaches and golf courses and of course the great exchange rates for Americans. These factors combined with the fact that because the Dominican Republic is a relatively new developing country, it is extremely affordable in most areas, it is safe to assume that its popularity will only be increasing further in the near future.




When choosing a retirement location, one of the most important factors that people consider is if they were to purchase property there, how easy it would be for them to obtain a mortgage and what kind of rates they should be expecting to pay.




If the Dominican Republic is where your heart is set on purchasing real estate, there are a variety of different financial institutions that can assist with financing.


When purchasing real estate anywhere, there is a lot to consider but especially when looking outside your own country. The Dominican Republic is a great place to retire with affordable properties and beautiful areas, however financing through the United States is definitely the way to go when purchasing property in the Dominican Republic.

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